Square Deal Mattress Factory

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Here at Square Deal Upholstery, we still do things the traditional way.


We have thousands of fabric samples in our lending library so you can see them in your own home.

Re-upholstering your existing piece:

We strip your furniture piece down to the bare frame and check for sturdiness.  If you have the high quality hand tied springs, we re-tie them the proper way to bring new life back to the seat. If you need to have your frame re-glued, we’ll do that also.  We give the extra tender loving care to bring your old piece back to life again.


Cushion work – new & or refills:

We offer solid down, down envelopes, high density poly foam, spring filled, and natural latex as cushion fillings.  Please see the descriptions below.


We use a fine grade of down available in either duck or goose.  Goose is the higher grade and tends to be more lofty, for an even more luxurious feel.  We can either use solid down cores or if you love down but not the required maintenance, we also offer a down envelope.  Down envelopes consist of a center core of high density foam surrounded by an envelope of down which gives you the feeling of the down but the shape stays from the foam.


We use high density polyurethane foam which comes in several firmnesses.  Our high density foams mean it is a 2.5 pound foam with firmnesses ranging from 20 up to 70.  We do have samples in our showroom to help you decide which firmness is best for your situation.


We offer spring filled cushions which are either wrapped with poly foam or cotton.


The latex rubber we offer is hypo-allergenic and all natural.  It is called Naturalux and has no fillers in it.

Throw pillows:

We offer all sizes and shapes.  We carry cluster fiber cores which are reasonably priced yet hold up to usage without going flat.  Goose down or duck down cores are also available.



We offer new hardwood framed headboards in all shapes and sizes.  Have you found one in a magazine?  Bring the picture in and see what we can do.  We also can re-upholster your old one.


Our New Furniture:

We will help walk you through from idea to finished product.  We offer several different types of style combinations between choosing the back style and the arm style.  If you like skirts, great, if you don’t, no problem.  If you like it casual or like it fancy, we can do it.