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Latexco Natural Latex MSDS

Naturalux Rubber Mattresses

This 100% Natural Latex Mattress has a unique support system utilizing different zones of comfort for correctly aligning the spine without metal inner-springs.


100% Natural rubber is a fantastic mattress made with an option for a luxury zippered knit fabric, quilted plush foam quilt or quilted wool only. You can customize your overall firmness level and choose different firmness levels for each side of the mattress.


  • 100% Natural Latex derived from rubber trees. Manufactured processes available in Naturalux or Talalux
  • Latex conforms to the body's shape providing support for any sleep position
  • Perfect for the "light-sleeper" as it does not transmit motion
  • Provides relief of aches and pains caused by pressure points
  • Ideal for sleepers of varying weights, providing exceptional support
  • No synthetics, made completely free of formaldehyde, VOCs, toxins or chemicals
  • Optional covers: Zippered smooth, Quilted poly or Quilted wool
  • Fire barrier - 60% natural cotton, 20% regenerated cellulose fiber made from natural materials, 20% eco friendly fiber


Sets starting at $899.95 - Come in to customize your comfort today!


* Note: Set price includes mattress and box spring. We will sell mattresses and box springs separately, but please note that they are designed to work together. If you do not purchase a matching set, you may shorten the life and/or alter the comfort of your new mattress.