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Visco-Pedic Advanced with Natural Latex Rubber

Now, you can choose the comfort that best meets your personalized needs! The Visco-Pedic mattress collection from Square Deal Mattress Factory is now offering three lines designed to provide a cool, comfortable sleep. The Visco-Pedic Original and the Visco-Pedic Advanced models provide nighttime comfort thanks to new technology developments in the industry.


The improved design of traditional memory foam mattresses by adding Comfor-Foam over a firm base layer. Each offers a selection of memory foam mattresses designed to keep your body temperature comfortable while you sleep and make it easy for you to change position. Start living your life fully charged and feel the difference of Visco-Pedic.


You'll wake refreshed, relaxed and feeling good. Since 1920 Square Deal Mattress Factory has specialized in the best comfort materials on Earth. Now, we are proud to present the result of our years of experience; Visco-Pedic.


The perfect fit for today's active LIFESTYLE!


The new Visco-Pedic bed boasts an unrivaled amount of comfort material which provides pressure-free support that relieves the tension of day-to-day life and rejuvenates the body. This unique Visco material has a softer, more luxurious feel while providing superior pressure relief. In addition to a significant reduction in motion transfer which allows you and your partner to fully enjoy the silent sleep experience. Specifically designed to dissipate heat while delivering the buttery soft, silky smooth feel for which Memory foam products are famous.


The Visco-Pedic Advanced model has a perfect blend of high density memory foam to provide pressure relief and a hypoallergenic latex layer to keep you cool and adds just the right bounce. The support base provides deep comfort through consistent weight distribution and adds long-lasting durability.


Our Visco-Tec Base is a specially formulated base material designed to provide years of structural support for the top comfort layers and is what allows all Visco-Pedic owners to enjoy the 'no-flip', 'no-turn' maintenance free lifestyle.


Anti-microbial and Dust-Mite resistant. Dust Mites are one of the leading causes of discomfort for asthma and allergy sufferers. Our exclusive Visco Material, as well as every comfort product we make, is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and Dust-Mite resistant making it hygienic and healthful!


At Square Deal Mattress Factory we pride ourselves in the fact that we make every effort to bring you the ultimate in quality, value, comfort, health and safety through all of our sleep products.


Please call for pricing.


* Note: Set price includes mattress and box spring. We will sell mattresses and box springs separately, but please note that they are designed to work together. If you do not purchase a matching set, you may shorten the life and/or alter the comfort of your new mattress.


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