Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mattresses

1. Why buy yours instead of one of the "name" manufacturers?

Actually, we have been in business for over 96 years. We are one of the older "names" in the business. However, since we are still a local company we can give you personal service that the large companies cannot. Because we do not deal in large volume, each individual customer is more important to us.


2. What are the differences between your mattress and the ones from the big companies?

We use higher quality foam. We still use a heavy-duty insulator pad; almost all of the large companies have gone to netting. It's cheaper and lighter when they ship them to the stores. Unfortunately, this leads to quicker body impressions and cuts down on the life of the mattress.


We also hog-ring each and every layer of padding that goes on the mattress. By keeping the padding stretched like this you get a truer firmness and you avoid body impressions.


Our mattresses take longer to make because of the craftsmanship that goes into them.


3. Does that mean your sets are more expensive than other companies?

No, actually quality for quality they are less expensive. We are able to do that because we eliminate a couple of very expensive steps. When you buy a mattress from a furniture store, the store is going to make a profit on the sale. They had the set shipped to them by a trucking company, who will also make a profit. The store purchased the set from a factory, which will also share in some profit. When you buy from us, you will be cutting out all the middlemen.


4. What is a contouring spring?

A contouring spring is a heavy-duty firm spring that is designed to mold to your body while still supplying firm support for your back. This is achieved through the design of the spring itself.


5. What is a continuous coil spring and what are its advantages?

A continuous coil is a spring where each row of springs is formed by one continuous wire. This provided you with more surface steel per square inch than any other spring. It is a very rigid spring making it a perfect spring for people with very bad backs, very large people and people that like a very hard bed.


6. Can you make me a special size bed?

Of course, we can make any of our bed types in a special size. It requires some extra labor so the price is $50.00 - $100.00 more than the regular set.


7. What makes one mattress cost $200.00 and another one $1000.00?

There are a lot of differences between a low line economy model and a top of the line model. The main one is the spring. The $200.00 model will have a lighter weight Bonnell spring. This is the same spring that we have been making mattresses from for years. It is a good solid spring that makes a good mattress but it doesn't have the same advantages that the newer specialty springs have. For instance the Bonnell has more of an hourglass shape. This does not give you the support on the side of the bed that an offset or continuous coil will give. The type and amount of the padding is also a factor. The top of the line mattresses use convoluted foam. There is more padding quilted into the cover and the cover itself is a higher quality material. The difference between the two mattresses is all in the quality of the material. Not in the quality of construction. All of our sets from the bottom of the line to the top have the same workmanship.


8. If I buy it and don't like it, can I bring it back?

No, once you buy a mattress it becomes a used mattress. What we do have is a "Comfort Exchange." Let me explain what it is and what it isn't. It is not an exchange of mattresses. What it is, is an adjustment of firmness. Because we are a factory, we can adjust the firmness of your mattress. We can make the mattress softer or harder. We will come out to your house pick up the mattress, adjust the firmness and return it to you. There would be a cost for picking up the mattress and dropping it off at your house and for any additional materials you add to the mattress. For more details to read click here or call our Service team at (530)342-2510.


9. I've got a bad back, do I have to have a hard mattress?

No you need a mattress with firm support. It doesn't have to be hard. Every mattress has two kinds of firmness. The firmness that you get from the spring that determines how much support your body will get. The padding and the way the mattress is constructed determine how soft or hard the mattress will feel. So you can have a mattress that is extra firm in support and at the same time feels soft on top.


10. These mattresses feel alike. How do I tell what is the best for me?

The best way to tell is just to lay on them. If you sleep on your side, lay on your side. You want to come as close to normal sleeping as possible. If you have any special problems, tell us. We aren't doctors, but we do know which mattress will help certain problems. In this block insert pictures and helps to further the questions / answers.


11. What is our fire barrier made of?

60% natural cotton, 20% regenerated cellulose fiber made from natural materials, 20% eco friendly fiber.


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